All About Web Hosting: What You Should Know

June 20th, 2014 by admin
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Web hosting Is something that all website owners need. Hosting enables your website to be placed live on the internet so that it can be seen and accessible by the consumer. Every website that is out there has a host that is supporting it. In order to get your own web hosting serving it will cost you a few dollars per month in most cases, though there are an increasing number of companies that offer free hosting. Luckily web hosting is inexpensive if you elect to pay for services, and there are hundreds of companies to select from to get the hosting that your website needs.

The Internet Protocol address, more commonly known as the IP address, is a numerical address that is found on the server. The naked eye cannot read the IP address, but the server acts metaphorically and breaks it down so that the computer can read it. This is why it is so important that a unique address be created with your domain name. The IP address is essentially the websites home, the place where it lives.

Several types of web hosting is available, and the type of hosting that you is depends largely on the content that you are putting out. For example, if you are creating a personal website or a blog you may be comfortable using shared hosting. Shared hosting is a single server that is used to host dozens to hundreds or more webmasters efforts. The shared hosting enables a user to access their site and a number of features and each person can access only their portion of the site. This type of hosting is very popular, as it is the cheapest form of hosting that you will find. web developer san diego has several good options.

If you have a business then you want to initiate Virtual Private Server hosting, or VPS hosting. This type of hosting provides a much more comprehensive selection of services that can be expanded. And, it is great for businesses of all sizes, especially those who are experiencing or anticipate to get a large volume of traffic to their site.

Dedicated servers are also available, and these types of hosting is used by larger corporations and business who want only their site to be hosted. There is no sharing space with anyone else, so having a dedicated server allows the user to do more than they otherwise would be able to do. Although you may not want to start out using a dedicated server, it should certainly be a goal that you have in place for the future.

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